Rosetta Stone Replica: Classic, Jr–Nothing like it in the world


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THE ROSETTA STONE: Found in 1799 on the west bank of the Nile by French soldiers, this 1,700 pound fragment of an ancient slab gave up the clues that ultimately cracked the code to hieroglyphics some 23 years years later in 1822 — unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.

THE ROSETTA STONE REPLICA: Classic, Jr Model: Nothing like it in the world! — 2/3 size, 3-D (approx 30″ tall x 20″ wide x 7.5″ thick, 25 lbs).

Limited time offer. Perfect for exhibition in your school, gallery or home. Shipping not included.

Each replica is hand-crafted (resin), inscriptions etched into the face and filled with oil-based white paint, with its own serial number.

Will take 8-10 weeks for delivery…Contact Dr. Freeman directly for more info: 410-991-9718



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